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Ready to work together? 1:1 nutritional consulting takes all the confusion and guesswork out of navigating nutrition on your own. Get specific recommendations for your individual needs and goals with constant support and coaching from me. All from the comfort of Zoom! 


With Samantha Gilburg, Holistic Nutritionist (CNP)

Discovery Call

15-20 minutes
via Zoom or phone call

A short (but sweet) call to gain understanding of your unique health goals, assess how we can achieve them through nutrition and chat about what to expect.

Initial Appointment

45-60 minutes
via Zoom
$140 + GST

A thorough assessment of your history, diet diary (to be completed prior to initial appointment), current struggles etc. so that I can deliver the best and most relevant protocol for you. Lots of questions!

Protocol Delivery

60 minutes
via Zoom
$105 + GST

(About one week after Initial Appointment.) During this appointment, we go over your protocol in depth. I answer all of your questions, educate you on the reasons behind your recommendations and make lots of room for questions so you feel prepared.

Follow Ups

60 minutes
via Zoom
30 minutes
via Zoom
$115 + GST
$65 + GST

Follow ups are a key component in ensuring success. The length of each follow up is determined by your individual needs. 

What's included in my protocol?

Great question! A protocol is essentially the document with all of your individual nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique goals and circumstances.

All protocols are unique to each client. Your protocol can include:


Recipe collections or in a meal plan, whatever works for you.

Grocery Swaps

Easy swaps in your pantry or fridge to add more nutrients to your meals. 

Principles for Building Meals

We'll work on what foods to eat, but also how to put them together in a delicious meal. 

Lifestyle Recommendations

Everything is connected: sleep, exercise, stress etc. all impact nutrition. 

Relevant Handouts

Documents that help illustrate or further explain nutritional information relevant to your protocol.

Meal Plan

Taking the guesswork out of what to make. Complete with leftovers and grocery lists. 

Foods to Focus on

Based on your individual goals, I'll recommend specific foods to include and outline the nutritional science behind why.

Supplement Recommendations

If appropriate, I'll recommend supplements to help fill the gaps in your diet. 

Grocery Swaps

Easy swaps in your pantry or fridge to add more nutrients to your meals. 

What clients are saying...

What Clients Are Saying

Image by Thought Catalog

Liza, 26

"Sam’s guidance has helped me implement long term diet and lifestyle changes in a sustainable way. Her plan was nonrestrictive and the science behind each step was thoroughly explained. She was always available when I had any questions or concerns. I would recommend her to anyone!" 

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