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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition looks at individuals through a broad lens; In addition to the client's nutrition habits, it considers their lifestyle, environment, mental health and more to determine how nutrition can best be used to reach their goals. In short, holistic nutrition is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Food Focused Approach

As a nutritionist, my approach is always 'food first.' What does that mean? This simply means that we aim to get all of the nutrients you need to feel your best through food before we consider supplements. Additionally, I am ALL about abundance and take an unrestrictive approach to diet. So don't be afraid that you'll have to give up your favourite foods!

Do you still work with supplements?

Yes! It can be challenging to get everything you need from food all of the time, especially with busy lifestyles and dietary restrictions. That's where supplements come in as just that - a supplemental form of a required nutrient. Supplements can be temporary or ongoing, but don't worry - I always work with you to determine what best suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Lifestyle & More

In holistic nutrition, we dive deep to figure out what aspects of your life may be contributing to nutrition related issues. This includes discussing sleep, exercise, stress management, lifestyle and more. Through our time together, I educate you on how these things relate to nutrition and provide recommendations that are unique to your circumstances.

What I do

As you may have seen throughout my website, I work mainly with dancers in my practice and have refined my knowledge on many of the common issues dancers face to I can best support you through nutrition. As a dancer myself, I get you!

Here are some of the things we do together:

  • Deep dive into what you eat

  • Help you determine what foods make you feel great and what foods make you feel not so great

  • I provide you with:

    • Lots of education on nutrition (relevant to you) so that you feel confident to navigate eating on your own

    • Recipes and meal ideas

    • Meal plans (if desired)

    • Protocols with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations personalized to you

    • Lots of support!

If you'd like to discuss how I can support you through holistic nutrition, reach out via the form on the contact page.


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