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SWEET & SAVOURY: Two Tasty Roasted Pumpkin Seed Seasonings (Vegan)

I may have fallen short on posting aptly timed Halloween themed recipes, but I promise you that that what these recipes lack in punctuality they make up for in taste. Last week I quickly whipped up two versions of roasted pumpkin seeds and both turned out surprisingly tasty, so I thought I would share.

Note that there are no specific measurements used, mostly because I was caught up in a mad scientist frenzy of culinary creativity, recklessly tossing ingredients in the bowl, salt-bae style.

So we will go back to basics and use two kitchen fundamentals; instinct and taste. Sprinkle in the following ingredients to whatever quantity your heart desires.

Instructions (for both):

  1. place oil in bowl and use hands to mix in oil and pumpkin seeds so the seeds are well covered. You don’t want the seeds to be swimming in oil, just covered enough that the dry ingredients have something to stick to. Note that you can use less oil in the sweet recipe because you also have vanilla extract and maple syrup as wet ingredients.

  2. add in all other ingredients

  3. mix (hands are best)

  4. evenly spread across tin foil on baking sheet

  5. bake at 325, occasionally mixing the seeds to ensure one side doesn’t burn

  6. they are ready when they look dry and toasty!

NOTE: the sweet ones may still look kind of ‘soggy’ after a while of baking but that’s just because there are more liquid ingredients. Once they have been toasting for a while, remove them from the oven and they will harden as they cool.

I stored both of mine in a glass jar in the fridge for about a week 🙂


Tastes like: granola mixed with cinnamon cheerios


  1. melted coconut oil

  2. maple syrup

  3. vanilla extract

  4. cinnamon

  5. teeny bit of nutmeg


Tastes like: smokey, garlicky crunchy things


  1. avocado oil (other oils will work)

  2. smoked paprika

  3. garlic powder

  4. salt

  5. pepper

If you’re wondering, the sweet ones were my favourite and the crowd pleaser with my friends and fam. They were a nice little sweet treat to have on hand, and my boyfriend even used them as a yogurt topping! You could also add the savoury ones to salads or bowls, the sweet ones to oatmeal or smoothie bowls or just eat them as a snack by themselves. The sky is the limit. ENJOY!

Happy crunching!


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